Así se manufacturan las zapatillas deportivas hechas a mano en Barcelona de Mates

the mates manufacturing process

The same spirit that led the brand to revolutionize the high-competition sports shoes in the 50s, 60s and 70s, has allowed it to adapt to the new current needs and reinvent its original designs to be used in urban and leisure situations, always maintaining the meticulous handcrafted processes developed by Francesc Mates, recognized expert in the analysis of the different athletic disciplines.

Today, all MaTeS products are manufactured in his historic workshop, established in Barcelona and managed by shoe master Myrna Mates, which combines the high craftsmanship characteristic of MaTeS with a careful selection of materials.

The long experience in the high performance sports sector and the special attention in each of the manufacturing processes gives the MaTeS shoes high performance in terms of comfort and durability, always with the brand’s own and differentiated character.