MaTeS is presented in a new memorial space of the prestigious Japanese L’Echoppe store (Tokyo)

The artisanal manufacturing of MaTeS is positioning itself as one of the most relevant quality proposals in Japan, reinforcing its prestige in select retailers throughout the country. leer más

Foto antigua partido Granollers-Atletico-Madrid

The important role of MaTeS in Handball

MaTeS is usually associated with athletic tracks and especially with high competition. The innovations that Francesc Mates contributed to the improvement of the performance of the rudimentary shoes that were used in the Spanish sport of the mid-twentieth century, made him one of the most outstanding references in the manufacture of sports Read more

Zapatillas deportivas hechas a mano en Barcelona es un mercado de culto mundial

MaTeS: A cult brand

It’s very unusual for a brand with such a small production capacity to position itself as a highly valued proposition all over the world. The rigorous quality control, the care in the finishes, the style, the own character of MaTeS and the fact of being one of the very few manufacturers that still keeps all its production in Europe, read more