Zapatillas deportivas hechas a mano en Barcelona es un mercado de culto mundial

MaTeS: A cult brand

It’s very unusual for a brand with such a small production capacity to position itself as a highly valued proposition all over the world. The rigorous quality control, the care in the finishes, the style, the own character of MaTeS and the fact of being one of the very few manufacturers that still keeps all its production in Europe, has resulted from an enormous appreciation in markets such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and especially Japan, where the brand is present in spaces as renowned as Nanamica, led by the prestigious Eiichiro Homma, among many other retailers, also passionate about this type of products so genuine.

The peculiarity of MaTeS, still in the hands of the founding family that continues to maintain the historic workshop in Barcelona, has attracted the attention of specialized media such as MILK Taiwan, ELLE Japan, which selected MaTeS in its TOP 10 of essential brands in that market; and even from the popular contemporary streetstyle magazine HYPEBEAST, established in Hong Kong and one of the world leaders in urban fashion.