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Carmel Classic

Originally designed as athletic track training footwear, this shoes became a polyvalent option for all types of disciplines throughout the 70s.

Its lightness, adaptability and timeless design has positioned them as one of the most identifying models of MaTeS.

Myrna Classic

The first multidisciplinary training shoes developed by Francesc Mates in the mid 50s. The high performance of this new design revolutionized the pre-established concepts so far.

In the following decades, this design became a classic of the unmistakable MaTeS style.

Handbol Classic

Original design of the legendary MaTeS handball shoes from the 70s, used by the most outstanding elite players.

Today this shoes have become a timeless classic.

Montjuic Classic

Developed by Francesc Mates in 1980, Montjuic Classic became the shoes most valued by the athletes for long distance races and especially for the Marathon.

Tenis Classic

Original design of the tennis shoes developed by Francesc Mates in the 70s. The classic and timeless character of this design makes them an indispensable basic.